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Jay Gray has over ten years of guiding clients in the purchasing of Fixed Annuities. He has multiple options from you to choose from because he represents the annuity products of multiple financial firms. This offers you the most flexibility and options. Jay is an independent agent who supports clients in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista and all communities in San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties. Receive a free quote call Jay at 1-877-777-7055.

Fixed Annuities

Utilize fixed annuity contracts to guarantee fixed rates of growth. A fixed annuity is a popular retirement and savings vehicle that was created for long term investors who want the stability of a guaranteed fixed interest rate with no risk that they will ever lose any of their principal. A fixed annuity contract lets the insurance company invest your lump sum or accumulated contributions into low-risk assets, providing a guaranteed return traditionally higher than that of a CD product.

While a fixed annuity provides steady, guaranteed, and worry free growth, the real advantage is the tax-deferred benefits that a fixed annuity funded with qualified (pre-tax) money presents. A tax-deferred fixed annuity lets you defer all tax on earnings and principal into the future, providing exceptional growth due to the compounding process on earnings. While the interest on a certificate of deposit is taxed yearly (reducing your total accumulated value), the fixed annuity is designed to encourage real retirement savings by providing a long term tax deference incentive for you to grow your investment.

A fixed annuity is typically structured and planned out in two phases. The first phase includes the accumulation phase where long term growth and compounding happens on a tax deferred basis. The second phase is typically the payout phase, whereby a fixed annuity can be converted into a monthly fixed income and paid on a guaranteed basis over a lifetime or set number of payments. Alternatively a fixed annuity can be rolled over into a new annuity with prevailing interest rates through a 1035 exchange, with no tax liabilities incurred if processed correctly.

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