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As an employer, benefits such as health insurance can attract the best and brightest to your company.The problem with providing health insurance for your employees is the cost. Health care costs are rising all for everyone — for physicians, insurance companies, and consumers Businesses of all sizes have a variety of group health plans to choose from.

Consumer-directed health insurance plans are becoming a popular choice among small and large businesses. They’re called “consumer-directed” because the policyholders take control of their health care dollars. These plans feature low monthly costs for you and your employee, along with tax-advantaged savings.

• Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans. An HSA is a bank account where you and your employees can contribute tax-free income to be used for almost any health-related cost. If savings aren’t used, the funds roll over to the next year — and they build interest. Alongside an HSA, your employees will have catastrophic coverage with a high-deductible health plan — which features low monthly premiums to fit your budget.

The most common plan compatible with an HSA is a managed care PPO with a high deductible. If you want to add an extra benefit for your employee, you can also contribute to a worker’s Health Savings Account.

Managed care plans create networks of doctors, specialists, hospitals, and other health care professionals who provide discounted medical care. For you and your workers, that means lower monthly premiums, copayments, and coinsurance.

Here are the most common managed care group health insurance plans:

• A PPO or Preferred Provider Organization provides comprehensive health benefits from an extensive network of care providers. When your employees receive care from in-network doctors, they’ll save money. But they also will have coverage with any physicians or specialists — even if they’re not in the preferred network. PPO plans with a high deductible are also compatible with Health Savings Accounts

• An HMO or Health Maintenance Organization is one of the most affordable group health insurance options available. Your employees must go to doctors within the network and choose a primary care physician, but HMO networks typically include thousands of health care professionals in your state.

A POS or Point of Service group plan is a combination of the HMO and PPO. You’ll choose a primary care physician, as you would in an HMO. But you won’t have to get a referral for specialist care. Your employees will have group health insurance coverage with both in and out-of-network doctors and hospitals, just like a PPO.

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