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Jay Gray has over ten years of experience managing heath insurance plans for self employed individuals. If you are a small, medium or large sized business he can work with you to create a customized coverage program that will meet you and your employee’s needs. Jay is an independent agent who supports clients in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista and all communities in San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties. Receive a free quote call Jay at 1-877-777-7055.

Health insurance options for the self-employed

People who work for themselves are a variety of trades, ages, and incomes. Consequently, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health insurance. You need to evaluate both your current situation and your business’s future before you choose a health plan. Here are four common situations:

#1 You’re a one-man (or one-woman!) show, and don’t foresee your employee roster growing in the near future In this case, your best bet is probably a standard individual policy.

#2 If you’re working on your own, but see that situation changing in the near future (whether you’ll be hiring more help or expect to be hired by a larger organization yourself), a temporary policy might be a better option. These plans are fairly inexpensive, and you won’t have to make much of a commitment.

#3 Health insurance for the self-employed plus a few employees is a more complicated matter. If you employ between 2 and 50 people, chances are you would qualify for a group health insurance plan.

#4 Finally, there’s health insurance for the self-employed who fall somewhere in between, (a business run by you and your spouse, for example). These special situations have to be evaluated on a case-by case basis. We have more information on this a little further down on this page.

We are here to help make the process easier and more affordable. By comparing prices across multiple brand names, you can find both high quality and affordable health insurance to protect your future.

We pride ourselves on our attentive service to our clients and our reputation for designing the best possible plan coverage. In fact we go so far as to guarantee no other agency can find you more comprehensive coverage for less premium.
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