Jay Gray

June 11, 2014

Life Insurance and Health Insurance Brokers SanteeYou spent your life creating a stable financial foundation for you and your family, however setbacks and misfortune do happen. If you don’t protect your investments with adequate insurance, you could end up facing financial ruin and your family members might pay the price. You have an obligation to yourself and your family to insure your life, health, and your property.

It is now required that you have Medical insurance and you will receive a tax penalty if you do not have coverage in 2014.

Different life stages require different kinds of insurance needs, so it is crucial to check your policies to guarantee you have the most suitable coverage to fit your needs. The rule of thumb is to review your Health plan policy annually and your life insurance policy every two years.

What Insurance Agency in Santee Can You Trust?

An Insurance Broker is an unbiased liaison between the insurance company and the consumer. They give independent guidance based on knowledge of Medicare, health insurance, and life insurance. The main difference between an insurance broker and an agent is the agent works for the insurance company; however a broker works for you and holds no loyalty to one particular company.


Finding a Great Medicare Broker in Santee

Unless you have reached 65 most people don’t understand about Medicare, however you know a part of your wage goes into it. Medicare’s divided into different parts. Part A covers you and your spouse’s hospital care; if you have paid payroll taxes into it for at least ten years. If you haven’t paid enough in you can buy Part A coverage. Part B covers your Doctor Visits and outpatient care. Part B coverage is not free and you pay a monthly premium for this. Part D covers your prescriptions and you pay a premium for this plan. If you do not have Part D Prescription benefits you will be penalized later when you do try and sign up for it.

Choose a Medicare Broker that offers a variety of companies and products so you have the option to choose the company that fits your needs and budget.

Just Us Insurance Has the Most Knowledgeable Life Insurance Agents in Santee

Did you know most people never buy enough life insurance and that a third of all wives don’t have life insurance at all? When obtaining life insurance you need to ask yourself some important questions. The main difference between the two is term insurance is less expensive and can buy more coverage for a set period of time where as permanent insurance will cost your more however it is more flexible, will last usually as long as you keep making payments, and many times can build cash value.

Health Insurance Agent In Santee

When you are shopping for health insurance you should bear in mind three things. What does it cover? How much money does it cost? What doctors are covered? There are also three types of coverages: Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and High Deductible Health Plan. The main difference between an HMO and a PPO, is that with an HMO plan you need to choose a primary physician who will refer you if you will need to see a specialist. A PPO doesn’t need a referral. Some companies offer a High Deductible Health which will have a lower monthly premium, however the majority of coverage doesn’t start until you fulfill the high deductible. This is a very good option for self-employed and someone only interested in catastrophic coverage.

Get an Insurance Quote through Santee’s Best – Just Us Insurance Agency

Once you have decided how much insurance you need and what type of coverage you need, you need to get quotes. When the companies compete then the consumer gets a higher quality policy at a lower price than if they had gone to the insurance company directly.